RCF Nigeria Limited is a leading indigenous construction company with experience and expertise in the areas of Road Construction, Building Technology, Piling and Foundation works, dredging services and general construction activities. The firm is well experienced and adequately equipped with the right machinery in all her areas of operation.


RCF Nigeria Limited specializes in different types of engineering works

 such as Road Rehabilitation and Construction, Bridges, Production of Precast Piles, Deep Foundation Works, Driven Precast cast in place of concrete piles, Steel tubes and H-Piles, Boring Vibro Compaction, Stone Column Installations, Shore Protection, Jetty and Harbor Works, Dredging Works, Building Works etc.

The firm has interest in turnkey projects.​

 To achieve and sustain high level of excellence, the firm has adopted a policy based on the following:

  1. Careful recruitment of highly qualified, honest and committed personnel.
  2. Continuous training programme of staff to keep abreast of technological advancement involving exchange of technical knowledge locally and internationally.


To maintain our leading position in the Nigerian construction industry through our quality, timely and innovative services to the satisfaction of our diverse clients.